Easy to use - brillant in effect! Spirit-Wellness-Products (objects such as sprays, jewellery, etc.) are charged with PSI energy and operate as transmitter on the energy level. Each one acts like an information - sender to the bio-energy level (bioneural, biochemical and physiological consistency of humans) and space-energy level.

Thus,existing deficit systems are positively influenced and each product acts according to its charged information.

This world novelty is based on the latest scientific knowledge from Parapsychology, which defines itself as PSI-RESONANCE-METHOD
® with patent law.

Enjoy the benefits of more efficient and stronger power! - PRODUCT SERIES II - 25 % more efficient!


Project description:
During the period from 7th March to 18th May 2018, a chemical-technical and hygienic laboratory test was carried out on water samples at AGROLAB Austria GmbH.

Client: HAPPY-FUTURE Spirit-Wellness OG, 4020 Linz

Directly in the laboratory, water samples were taken on-site under the same conditions and filled into containers. Half of them were energized by using the PSI-RESONANCE-METHOD
The already PSI-ENERGETICALLY PREPARED “VITAL-PLATE“ was placed under the containers of the water samples for 10 minutes. During this time, the “VITAL-PLATE“ transfered the vibration to the water. Thereafter, both (charged and uncharged) water samples were stored together under the same conditions and chemical-technical as well as hygienic laboratory tests were carried out at certain intervals.

The aim of this laboratory investigation was to document how the PSI-Resonance-Method
® with this method of application also affects the solid matter.

The outcome after 10 weeks is impressive!
In the course of the investigations, a clear result emerges:
Compared to the uncharged (untreated) water, the PSI-energized water is 100 % higher in quality.
Remarkable: It is a congenial effect * of the PSI-energetic treatment, which leads to a qualitative quantum leap in the water substance, considering the difference to the usual quantity of contamination.
*With the original application (at home), the user benefits by drinking this specially energetically treated water. Also here, the possibilities of application are unlimited.

The PSI-Resonance-Method
®: The so-called soul quality (PSI energy) affects the bioneural, biochemical and physiological consistency of humans = on all levels of humans. The inductor serves on the one hand as an object on which the respective information can be stored and, in consequence, as a transmitter on an energetic level. Depending on the PSI-energetic charge of information, the existing deficits are positively affected. The application is suitable for humans, animals and the environment alike.

Based on these laboratory tests, the result is verifiable: The psi-energetic treatment also has a positive effect on the solid matter (water substance) – Certified proof of the effectiveness of the PSI-Resonance-Method